Night Owl Tea

A Fiber Teapot



14″ H x 16″ L x 4.5″ W

Materials & Techniques

I machine-embroidered leaves of various shapes and sizes to comprise the body of the teapot. Each leaf was individually crafted with a layer of water soluble fabric, followed by a layer of multicolored threads, then a layer of metallic foil confetti, a layer of Angelina fibers, and lastly another layer of water soluble fabric. 

This sandwich of fibers was carefully wedged between embroidery hoops and embroidered into various leaf designs. After all the leaves were created, I sculpted them into the shape of the body of a teapot using fabric sculpting medium over a glass decanter. After drying, I popped the structure off of the glass decanter. 

The spout, lid and feet were sculpted over ceramic forms I had crafted – and then I popped them off, as I had done with the glass decanter.  I assembled the teapot, spout, lid and feet using fabric sculpting medium.  The teapot is hollow and very light weight but of course not functional. 

Atop the fiber teapot I placed a needle felted owl as part of the design. 

The owl was created from multi-colored Merino wool, the eyes are glass and the beak was created from paper clay. 


Photos: Nick Thompson