New Year’s Resolution

An Art Quilt



44.25” x 35.5”

Materials & Techniques

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to find and photograph a snowy owl here in Maine and use the image to make an art quilt. This art quilt is based on one of a series of photographs taken of a snowy owl that migrated south to an area near where we live. The photos are made by my son Josh and me. His are clearly superior to mine. With his permission, I use one of his photographs to construct this work. The photograph is multiplied four times and modified by computer with PhotoShop. The resulting semi-abstract composition is transferred to white cotton fabric. I then added fabric paints using the air-brush technique. After this I quilted the entire piece using various embroidery functions on my computer sewing machine. Also I used the free-motion quilting technique on my sewing machine.


Photos: Robert Diamante