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ZZ Tops is a scultpure in the form of a columnar figure with an abstract animal head on top.

  • This utilitarian vase was hand-built and press molded of stoneware clay.  
  • After the work was made, I was motivated to design and create Zebra Teabag, a teapot in the form of a purse, designated a teabag. It was purchased by the same buyer who had commissioned this work.
  • Construction sequence: Fired initially to cone 06. Hand-painted with underglazes to mimic natural zebra pattern. Entire piece was then coated with clear glaze. It was refired to cone 6. Mother of pearl luster was applied. Finally, it was fired once more to cone 6.
  • Size: 17.0" x 11.0" x 5.0".
  • Date: 2005.
  • A commissioned work.
  • Sold to a Maine collector.

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Detailed views shown.