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    A sampling of recent comments about Meryl Ruth, her work and her artistry:  
  • Selected visitors' comments at the National Teapot Invitational X, Cedar Creek Gallery, Creedmoor, NC, May-August 2014. :
    • For Saucie Aussie: "Adorably perfect. Woof, I love it . . ."
    • For Har-tea Har Har: " Wonderful. Love it . . . Most unique . . . this is great!"
  • A.T., art collector, December 2013: "I went to . . . a prestigious juried [art craft] show [but] couldn't even look at the ceramic pieces on display. They paled  compared to your work [because they lacked the] charm, color and artistry [of yours]."
  • S.G., comment on Pinterest website, October 2012: Meryl Ruth's "teapots are amazing."
  • E.W., comment on Pinterest website, October 2012: "Rocket Doggie Dog by Meryl Ruth . . . literally made me laugh out loud."
  • N.P., art enthusiast, September 2012: Tea-nie Weenie is "an amazing piece of art . . . Just beautiful! Love [her] other work as well!."
  • H.C., art enthusiast and collector, September 2012: "[Meryl Ruth's tile mural] is breathtaking! Wow. [E]xceptional comes to mind immediately."
  • L.M., art enthusiast, June 2012: Regarding Meryl Ruth's Ra-ta-tat Tea, "Wow! If you put that [woodpecker] outside, a female would come along and proposition the teapot! Really amazing!!"
  • S.K., ceramicist and art supply executive, March 2012: Meryl Ruth's "work is amazing! So detailed and such terrific use of Keraflex. . . Can't wait to see more of [her] work!
  • P.I., exhibition curator, February 2012: "Wow. Love your piece! [Tea-Sharp Harmony]."
  • P.M., art writer, February 2012: Her Majes-Tea "is a terrific pot; in fact all three [works exhibited] were. Congratulations."
  • L.W., art enthusiast: "There were many teapots on exhibit, but of course [Meryl Ruth's work] was the one that captured our attention."
  • Selected visitors' comments at the National Teapot Invitational VIII 2011, Viewers' Choice Awards:  
    • For Owl and Pussycat: "Such detail!"; "I love the creativity."; "Gorgeously done."; "Amazing; I love it!"; "Detail is outstanding!!"; "As a mixed media artist I am very impressed with all the techniques used."; "Very imaginative and attractive."; "Wow; so fun and intricate."; "Such a happy feeling of love when I look at it"; "Totally unique; nothing else like it; beautiful and magical."
    • For Fit as a Fiddle: "Music to my palate."; "Good sense of humor."; 'Both imaginative and skilled."; "Loved that she took two different ideas and blended them into a crazy concept of a teapot!"; "Beautiful and unique."; "Very thought provoking; reminded me of my youth."; "Loved it!"; "Loved the whimsy and the execution."; "All around artistic."; "Awesome!"; "Creative beyond words!"; "Detail and creativity are wonderful."; "Very creative and great attention to detail!"
  • J.F., British art gallery owner, June 2011: Her work "is incredible, the attention to detail, the sheer skill involved, and the wonderful finished sculptures. [Her] "Owl and Pussycat" teapot is absolutely wonderful."
  • B.L., artist and art teacher, January 2010: Meryl Ruth's "sculpture is beautiful and moving . . . technically gorgeous . . . great fun . . . [yet] very profound and poignant . . . a celebration of love . . . in the moment."
  • S.B., art enthusiast, November 2009: Meryl Ruth's "art is some of the best I've seen in a long time."
  • B.B., gallery owner, September 2008: "[Her] work is exquisite. Photos just do not do them justice."
  • Gallery website, May 2008: Meryl Ruth is one of "America's most accomplished craftspeople."
  • M.M., art connoisseur, January 2008: Her works "are priceless and extremely spiritual."
  • B.R., art publisher, January 2008: "Wonderful work!"
  • B.S., gallery owner, December 2007: She is "an artist with style and elegance . . ."
  • O.S., commissioned work, November 2007: "Beautiful teapots . . . An incredibly talented artist."
  • B.T., gallery owner, September 2007: "An exquisite bowl."
  • S..P., gallery owner, July 2007: "A beautiful denim teapot."



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