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Tea Wow Wow is a ceramic work in the form of a handbag with a Chihuahua emerging.

  • Hand-built functional teapot of stoneware clay. Leash handle of stoneware paperclay. Press mold body of the handbag. Sculpted head of Chihuahua. Paperclay press mold kerchiefs and dog bone on teapot lid.
  • Construction sequence: First fired to cone 06. Carefully hand-painted underglazes for dog's fine features. Lacy cloths covering the dog made of press mold lace and air-brushed clay that was then underglazed. Handle and purse painted with glazes of turquoise and gold matte. Refired to cone 6. Preparatory clear glaze applied to buckle. Opalescent glaze applied. Fired again to cone 017. Gold luster applied to buckle. Final firing to cone 018. Beadwork and semiprecious stones for dog collar. Wooden handles painted with enamels.
  • Size: 11.75" x 14.0" x 8.25".
  • Date: 2006.
  • Exhibited at Sherwood Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA and featured at Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft 2007.
  • Niche Awards Finalist 2007.
  • Illustrated in Clay TImes and in Niche Magazine.
  • Sold.

     Enlarged Views

Enlarged view shown.


Enlarged view shown.

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Creative Process

Creative process illustrated.

  • This art work shows the head of a Chihuahua emerging from a purse. It represents a family endeavor. Its inspiration is Pepe, the pampered pet that belongs to my daughter, Julianna. She provided photographs after which this dog is modeled, while Pepe himself served as the true inspiration for the design of the piece and the basis for its whimsy.
  • This item is a functional teapot made in the form of a purse. The teapot's spout is the dog's snout. The teapot's handle is an extension of the leash that is attached to the dogs neck. The handle of the teapot's lid is a press mold fashioned of a dog bone. The cloth kerchiefs covering the dog within the bag are press molded and air-brushed faux lace. Side loops support the bag's wooden handles, added after the final firing. Beadwork for the leash completes the work.

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Detailed Views *

Detailed views shown.

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