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An extensive  slide show of enlarged views of selected recent ceramic art works by Meryl Ruth is available gratis for teaching purposes and to facilitate close viewing and exploration by professional and aspiring artists and by the general public. Reproduction of any of these works for commercial purposes is not permitted.

To download the entire slide show in PowerPoint (pptx) format, which is now 81 MB in size, CLICK HERE.

To download the slide show for fiber art (30 MB), CLICK HERE.

The time it will take for a complete download varies according to how rapidly your system is capable of transmitting data, from less than two minutes with DSL to more than an hour with a dial-up modem.

To view a sample of these ceramic pieces, scroll down. Note that images are in higher resolution on the download than can be shown here.



All Star Teapup

Ballet-Like-a Chai


Green Tea


Forest Lake Critters


Ra-ta-tat Tea


Steampunk Teaclock


Royal-tea Tote


Tea-Sharp Harmony


Queen of T-Arts


Her Majes-tea


Owl and Pussycat


Be-You-Tea-Ful Dreamer


Fit as a Fiddle




Vice Versa-Chi Tea





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