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Birch Bark Tea-ming *

Branching Out

Chaseki Mugai *

Designer Teabag

Dysfunctional Par-tea

From My Window *

Hare Loom *






Har-tea Har Har

Kit-tea *

Making Amends *

March Hare Madness

New Year's Resolution *









Open House

Ra-ta-tat Tea *

Serendipi-tea *

Spooling Around *

Sukiya Mokurai *

Treadle Kettle *




          * Available for purchase

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Alice's Teapot

All-star Teapup *

Angelic En-tea-tea *

Balalaika Teacock *

Ballet-like-a Chai  *

Capall Creek Farm Quilt *

Chashitsu Wabi

Circus Snouts *

Critters from the Cove *


Fit to a Tea

Forest Lake Critters

Green Tea *

Greenback Tea *

Hand Bag

Hanging Case Studies I *




Her Majes-tea *

I'm a Little Teasnout

Lara's Theme *

Lily Tile

Lobstah Suppa

Lobster Tile Mural *

Maine Barn Quilt *

Market Fresh Mugs

Mending *

Menorahs I, II, III, IV *

Mirthful Miranda

Mug Shots Series

Orchid Quilts I, II, IV *

Queen of T-arts *

The Queen's Tea-yara *

Quilted Horn Rhapsody *




Quilt of Hearts *

Royal-tea *

Royal Teabag

Royal-tea Tote

Safari Knights Quilt *

Saucy Aussie *

Seahorse Tile *

Steampunk Teaclock


Tea and Trumpets *

Tea-sharp Harmony *

Theo T-shirt Tile *

Two Snouts and a Spout

Vice Versa-chi Tea

Woven Porcelain Tiles



        * Available for purchase 

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Akita Tea-ryaki *

Aurora Series *

Be-you-tea-ful Dreamer *

Benny's Treat Jar

Black Cherry Tea

Boun-tea-ful Lobster

Brighten Your Smile

Carrying-on Puggage *


Dragon Pearl Tea *

Enchanted Quali-tea

Fairy Tale Quali-tea *

Fit as a Fiddle

Frenchie's Tea Tote

Fruit of the Loose Tea and Briefs *

Golden Ostrich Egg Cup

Gone Fishing

Got Tea? *

If Pugs Could Fly

Half & Half *

Hanging Loose Tea *

Hanging Tee Pots*

Happily Ever After




Hot Dig-it-tea Dog

Jack in the Box *

Jackie in the Box

Just in Case

Kit and Ka-poodle

Leather and Lace II

Lipstick on a Pug

Lobster Pot of Tea

Lob-stir the Tea

Lost Game Piece *

Lox and Cream Teas


Mistle-tea *

Moo Shu Shih Tzu

My Peeps

Neptune Series *

Owl and Pussycat Went to Tea

Peking Golden Lo Mein*

Philadelphia Cream Tease

Pug-a- lug

Puggy Back

Pug-nosed Reindog






High Tea Top

Pug-nosed Reindog

Rocket Doggie Bag

Ruby Sipper

Seascape Fantasy

Seascape Mural

Seated Pug

Shirr-wood Teabag

Slumber Tea Party

Snug as a Pug on a Mug

Squeeze Me, Teas Me *

Striped Tealet Wristbag *

Sweet Teaker

Swinging Sassy Satchel 

Tea Cozy

Tea Leaves


Teanie Weenie

Tee-shirt Series *

Teeny Tea Party

The Tea-th Fairy

Vintage Puggetbook *

Wallflower Teabag



       * Available for purchase

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Argyle d’Argile

Beaded Evening Teabag

Black Stiletto Tea

Celestial Satin Tea Purse

Change-link Tea Purse

Chinese Take-out Lantern

Daisy Duke's Hot Tea Jeans

Daisy Duke's Hot Tea Pants

Doggie Bag

Doggie Bag II

The Emperor's Penguin Purse *

Faux Fur Boa Bag

Giraffe Carafe

Good 'N Plenty

High Top Tea

Hound's Tea-th

I Love Lucy

Irving's Leopard Teabag

Jack in the Box *

Leather and Lace

Leopard Teabag III

Leopard Teabag VI

Lounge Lizard Oolong

Mary Frances Takes Tea





Moo Goo Min Pin

Paisley Pillow Purse

Pennies From Heaven

Pink Pearl Puggetbook

Pippy's Pantaloon Purse

Pippy's Pantaloon Purse II

Pippy's Pan-tea-loon Purse

Pocketed Basketbook

Pocketed Basketbook II

Pointed Paisley Pocket Purse

Polka-dotted Plaid Pocket Purse

Princess Pouch

Pug Mugs

Regal Teabag

Sea Gir-raft

Seahorse Bowl

Serengeti Satchel

Sherbet Coin Purse *

Shouldered Teabag

Small Giraffe Carafe

Snake Charmer's Basket

Sole Mates






A Spot of Leopard Tea

Stirrup Some Hot Tea Jeans

Sweet and Sour York

Taffy's Zebra Tea Tote

Teabag with Checkered Past

Tea Candle Shells

Tea Clutch

Teahorse Seabag

Tea Shells by the Tea Shore

Tea Tootaler

Tea Wow Wow

Tiny Tea Party

Tipping Teahorse

Top-hatted Tea Tote

Turquoise Tea Pouch

Turquoise Tea Tote

Twig Tea Pouch

Twinling's Teafarers

Twinling's Teafarers II

Two Pugs in a Prada

Zebra Teabag

Zebra Teabag II

ZZ Tops



       * Available for purchase

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Altered Turquoise Vase

Altered Vase with Blue Rim

Autumn Vase

Blue Beaded Plate *

Blue Plate Special #2

Blue Seahorse Plate

Braided Handle Teapot *

Canteen Vessel with Doily Lace *

Canteen Vessel Seashell Facade

Colored Porcelain Dremel Plate

Diamond Flush (Teapot)

Doily Plate with Black Beading *

Fine Animal (Leopard Teapot)

Fish Bowl I

Fish Bowl II

Fish Bowl Series I

Fish Bowl Series II

Floral Quilt

The Frog Prince Quilt

Frog Watercolor Collage

Golden Mandala Bowl *

The Greatest of These is Love

Halo Luster Teapot

Hand-built Bowl Gold Interior

Hand-built Fish Bowl




Large Lace Plate

Large Thrown Silkscreen Plate

Leap After Leap (Vase)

Leopard Plate *

Lily Plate

Mother of Pearl Teapot

Nesting Bowls

Paisley Platter *

Porcelain Bowl with Seascape

Porcelain Canteen Vessel

Porcelain Teapot Purple Lace

Porcelain Vase

Pot Holder Platter

Press Mold Soda Fired Bowl

Seahorse Bowl

Seascape Imagery

Small Sgraffito Vessel

Small Soda-fired Altered Vase

Small Soda-fired Teapot

Small Soda-fired Vessel

Smoked Fired Vessel

Snowflake Bowl

Soda-fired Canteen Vessel

Soda-fired Mandala Plate VI

Soft-cut Platter





Soda-fired Wheel- Thrown Bowl*

Stoneware Mother of Pearl Plate

Sunflower Plate II

Sunflower Plate (Study)

Tea for Two

Teapot with Cut Glass

Teapot with Wooden Handle *

Terra Cotta Bowl *

Terra Cotta Lace Bowl

Terra Cotta Teapot

Tessa Watercolor

Thrown Altered Stoneware Bowl

Tiny Tea Party

Turquoise Bowl w Golden Interior

Turquoise Soda-fired Vase

Turquoise Teapot *

Wheel Thrown Altered Bowl

Wheel Thrown Altered Vase

Wheel Thrown Gold Leaf Bowl

Wheel Thrown Press Mold Plate

Wheel Thrown Turquoise Platter

Woven Canteen Vessel

Yellow and Blue Plate Special

Yellow Rimmed Doily Plate



       *  Available for purchase

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