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Altered Turquoise Vase

Altered Vase with Blue Rim

Angelic En-tea-tea *

Argyle d’Argile

A  Stitch in Tea Time *

Autumn Vase

Balalaika Teacock *

Beaded Evening Teabag

Black Stiletto Tea

Blue Beaded Plate *

Blue Plate Special #2

Blue Seahorse Plate

Braided Handle Teapot *

Canteen Vessel Doily Lace *

Canteen Vessel Seashell Facade

Celestial Satin Tea Purse

Change-link Tea Purse

Circus Snouts *

Colored Porcelain Dremel Plate

Daisy Duke's Hot Tea Jeans

Daisy Duke's Hot Tea Pants

Diamond Flush (Teapot)

Doily Plate Black Beading *

Faux Fur Boa Bag

Fine Animal (Leopard Teapot)

Fish Bowl I

Fish Bowl II

Fish Bowl Series I

Fish Bowl Series II

Giraffe Carafe

Golden Mandala Bowl *

Good 'N Plenty

Halo Luster Teapot

Hand-built Bowl Gold Interior

Hand-built Fish Bowl

Hound's Tea-th

Irving's Leopard Teabag

Just in Case

Large Lace Plate

Large Thrown Silkscreen Plate

Leap After Leap (Vase)

Leather and Lace






Leopard Plate *

Leopard Teabag III

Leopard Teabag VI

Lily Plate

lizard Platter

Lace Plate

Lounge Lizard Oolong

Mary Frances Takes Tea

Menorahs I, II, III; IV *

Mother of Pearl Teapot

Nesting Bowls

Paisley Pillow Purse

Pennies From Heaven

Pippy's Pantaloon Purse

Pocketed Basketbook

Pointed Paisley Pocket Purse

Polka-dotted Plaid Pocket Purse

Porcelain Bowl with Seascape

Porcelain Canteen Vessel

Porcelain Teapot Purple Lace

Porcelain Vase

Pot Holder Platter

Press Mold Soda Fired Bowl

Princess Pouch

Regal Teabag

Royal-tea *

Seahorse Bowl

Seahorse Tile *

Serengeti Satchel

Sherbet Coin Purse *

Shouldered Teabag

Slumber Tea Party

Small Giraffe Carafe

Small Sgraffito Vessel

Small Soda-fired Altered Vase

Small Soda-fired Teapot

Small Soda-fired Vessel

Smoked Fired Vessel

Snake Charmer's Basket

Snowflake Bowl

Soda-Fired Canteen Vessel







Soda-Fired Mandala Plate VI

Soda-Fired Wheel-Thrown Bowl*

Soft-Cut Platter

Stoneware Mother of Pearl Plate

Striped Tealet Wristbag *

Sunflower Plate II

Sunflower Plate (Study)

Swinging Sassy Satchel 

Taffy's Zebra Tea Tote

Tea and Trumpets *

Teabag with Checkered Past

Tea Clutch

Tea for Two

Tea Shells by the Tea Shore

Teapot with Cut Glass

Teapot with Wooden Handle *

Terra Cotta Bowl *

Terra Cotta Lace Bowl

Terra Cotta Teapot

Theo T-Shirt Tile *

Thrown Altered Stoneware Bowl

Top-Hatted Tea Tote

Turquoise Bowl w Golden Interior

Turquoise Soda-fired Vase

Turquoise Teapot *

Turquoise Tea Pouch

Turquoise Tea Tote

Wallflower Teabag

Wheel Thrown Altered Bowl

Wheel Thrown Altered Vase

Wheel Thrown Gold Leaf Bowl

Wheel Thrown Press Mold Plate

Wheel Thrown Turquoise Platter

Woven Canteen Vessel

Woven Porcelain Tiles

Yellow and Blue Plate Special

Yellow Rimmed Doily Plate

Zebra Teabag

Zebra Teabag II

ZZ Tops




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