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A teapot in the form of a quilte Argyle handbag with feet.

  • This work is hand-built of both stoneware clay and a self-made formulation of stoneware paperclay. Stoneware clay is used for the press mold quilted portions as well as the wheel-thrown spout and feet. All other parts are of stoneware paperclay composite.
  • This is an evolutionary artistic advance on the design of two earlier works, Pippy's Pantaloon Purse and Pippy's Pantaloon Purse II. Principal changes include Argyle patterning of the quilted sections with new coloration in shades of chartreuse and red. Construction is enhanced and modiified considerably. New beadwork involved encasing each of the five types of colored Cubic Zirconium stones in matching Fimo clay settings.
  • Construction sequence: Fired initially to cone 06. Hand-painted underglazes applied. Sections covered with clear cone 6 glaze. Refired to cone 6. Ruby opalescent overglaze applied. Fired yet again to cone 017. SIlver luster applied. Fired for the last time to cone 018. Cubic Zirconium beading added.
  • Size: 13.5" x 10.25" x 7.25".
  • Date: 2007.
  • Displayed at Goldesberry Gallery, Houston, TX and at Cervini Haas Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ.
  • Sold.

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