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Night Owl is an art quilt depicting a screech owl photograph modified with airbrushed and hand-painted fabric paint.


  • Night Owl is the second in a series of owl quilts, which began with Screech Owl. It is based on an original photograph I took of a screech owl in Florida. It is transformed from a photograph to an art quilt by a combination of techniques. My objective is to make the owl look somewhat camouflaged, similar to its own common strategy in the wild. To achieve this, I used multiple layers to enhance the color and depth of the image.
  • A ten-color separation silkscreen process is used to transfer the initial imagery of the quilt to a panel of white cotton fabric.
  • The image is first modified by airbrushing with fabric paint.
  • Collage work is added using fabric. Decorative stitching with colored threads is done to superimpose various geometric patterns.
  • A frame of black cotton fabric is added.
  • Quilting is begun at this point. More airbrushing is done with fabric paint; some of the color is sponged away to provide artistic interest. Additional collage work is also done.
  • Cotton batting is sandwiched between a black fabric backing and the embellished front panel by quilting the entire piece in swirling patterns of thread painting.
  • Date: 2016.
  • Size: [To be inserted]
  • Available for purchase. Price: $ [To be inserted] li>





Enlarged view.]


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  • Original photograph is silk-screened onto a white cotton panel using a ten-color separation process.
  • Air-brushed fabric paint enhances the image. Collage with preshaped fabric is also done.
  • Strips of black cotton are used to frame the central image panel.

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Stitched geometric patterns and addtional airbrushing is done. Quiting with thread-painted patterns completes the work.


  • The owl panel is further enhanced with colored threads machne-stitched in geometrical patterns.
  • More air-brushed fabric paint is applied, and some of it wiped away for artistic objectives.
  • Cotton batting is sandwiched between the decorative front panel and a solid black panel.
  • These layers are quilted together by thread painting using colored thread in swirled and linear patterns to complete the work.


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