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Reflections of Snowy Owl is an art quilt made from a photograph taken by the artist.


  • One of my New Year's resolutions was to find and photograph a snowy owl here in Maine and use the image to make an art quilt. This art quilt is based on one of a series of photographs taken of a snowy owl that migrated south to an area near where we live. The photos are made by my son Josh and me. His are clearly superior to mine. With his permission, I use one of his photographs to construct this work.
  • The photograph is multiplied four times and modified by computer wth PhotoShop. The resulting semi-abstract composition is transferred to white cotton fabric.
  • Imagery is cut in half horizontally.  The bottom half is then cut into strips and reconstituted to give it a shimmering appearance. The strips are sewn together in a deliberately uneven fashion. Air-brushed fabric paints provide soft blues, whites and greens to enhance the sense of watery reflection. The bottom half is also stitched with a complex pattern of colored thread in vertical  lines throughout to impart a shimmery, watery look to this area of the background.
  • Soft cloud-like patterns are added to the upper half by air-brushing fabric paints there.
  • Snow-flake designs are appended plus more violet and white fabric paints.
  • Commercial fabric borders are sewn in place.
  • Cotton batting is sandwiched between a black fabric backing and the embellished front panel by quilting the entire piece in swirling patterns of thread painting with shimmery green thread for the bottom half and contrasting lighter thread colors for the sky in the upper half.
  • Date: 2016.
  • Size: 44.25" x 35.5".
  • Available for purchase. Price: $2,000





New Years Resolution is an art quilt based on a photograph made by the artist.


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  • Art quilt is shown here in the process of construction.
  • A  photograph of a showy owl was multiplied four times and modified in the PhotoShop computer application.
  • The resulting complex image is then transferred to a panel of white cotton fabric.
  • The piece is first cut in half horizontally,. The lower half is cut into strips. The strips are resewn together, but deliberately made uneven to give this part of the work a shimmering water-like reflection.
  • Blue, green and white fabric paints are applied by air-brushing to enhance the watery nature of the bottom half, whereas other colors of air-brushed fabric paints form the sky image.
  • The two halves are sewn together and border strips of commercial fabric are added.
  • Quilting is done with thread-painting technique, using shimmering green threads for the bottom half patterns and lighter-colored threads for the sky portion in the upper half.

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Detailed images are shown to illustrate the thread painting patterns close-up.


  • Quilting by means of thread painting technique encloses cotton batting between the embellished front panel and a plain black fabric back panel.
  • Details of the thread painted pattens can be seen in these close-up images.

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Close-up views of detailed fiber and thread painting.


  • Details of New Year's Resolution are shown here in three close-up views.
  • Two techniques are used to enhance coloration and design: Air-brushing with fabric paint and thread painting with different colored threads to create various patterns.
  • I either air-brush first followed by thread painting or vice versa according to the surface treatment I am trying to produce.
  • My objective is to make a surface that undulates with depth, rhythm and movement.




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