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Making Amends is an art quilt in the series Mending, illustrating the craft of sewing and quilt-making.


  • This art quilt is another variation of the theme begun in the predecessor to this piece, Mending, the first in the Mending series to based on the crafts of sewing and quilting.
  • The process starts with photographic studies I make of a friend's antique vintage treadle sewing machine.
  • The images thus created are modified by being reversed and mirrored. They are then transferred to a cotton cloth panel measuring 20" x 19". This panel becomes the inner square part of the quilt.
  • Other fabrics are pieced together and layered to enhance the complexity and interest of the design. They include sections cut from the very middle of the original fabric.
  • Further design components are added as an appliqué to the diamond-shaped central area. Imagery of old spools of thread are applied as well.
  • More embellishments are air-brushed onto the surface of the quilt.
  • Machine stitching techniques are used to layer the piece and provide quilting patterns.
  • Date: 2015.
  • Size: 35.0" x 33.0"
  • Available for purchase. Price: $1500.00






Front panel of the art quilt with image transferred photographs modified by reversal and mirroring.   


  • The main portion of the quilt is a cotton panel, 20" x 19" in size, upon which photographs of a vintage treadle sewing maching, modified by reversal and mirroring, have been transferred by photo print.
  • Portions cut from the center are layered elsewhere by appliqué methods. Other colored fabrics are added to embellish the design.
  • Fabric paint is air-brushed onto the surface as well.
  • Colored thread patterns are incorporated into the quilting process by machine stitching.



Final work with black border.


  • Black cloth border is added to complete the work.

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