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  • This work is a teapot in the form of a black Converse shoe with a Chihuahua's head emerging from it.
  • It is hand-built of white stoneware clay cone 6. The head is sculpted. The handles, which are made of extruded stoneware clay, metamorphose from the shoe's laces. The components of the teapot are built into the design. Its lid is a buckle located at the back of the puppy's head. Its spout is the dog's snout.
  • Construction sequence: First fired to cone 06 after construction is completed. Then underglazes are applied to body and handles. Refired to cone 6. Lusters are applied for hardware and grommets. Final firing is done at cone 018.
  • Size: 9.5" x 10.5" x 4.25".
  • Date: 2008.
  • Niche Awards finalist 2008; Honorable Mention award, International invitational Competition, Mission Viejo, CA, 2008. Exhibited at Sherwood Gallery, Laguna Beach CA.
  • Sold.


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  • This teapot is a further evolutionary development from its predecessor, High Top Tea. It differs in a number of significant ways. The wider laces are consistent with those of a real high-top sneaker. Distortion has been introduced to portray wear and age, with more gesture and a looser feeling. Curving the sole upward in front and back emphasizes the impact of prolonged walking or running. The sagging back spin shows its wear.
  • The sneaker portion is hand-built of stoneware clay. The emerging Chihuahua puppy's head, a life portrait of Lily, my personal muse, is sculpted of white stoneware clay. Large lace handles are made of extruded stoneware clay. The round emblem, representing the Converse label, is formed of a thin slab of clay. It was press molded and air-brushed with underglaze.
  • The teapot's lid is a small buckle at the base of the collar at the back of the puppy's head. The spout is the dog's snout, with its tongue protruding to facilitate tea flow.

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