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Porcelain tile with press mold t-shirt embellished in stripes and underglazes.

  • Success with small tile works of Keraflex porcelain, such as Lobster Tile Mural, Woven Porcelain Tiles (Lily Tlie and Seahorse Tile), stimulated me to proceed to work on larger and more complex tile piece in this medium.
  • This tile work begins by modifying the smooth porcelain survace with press mold of a baby t-shirt.
  • Stripes and lettering are added with tape strips and stencils.
  • Underglazes are then air-brushed onto the surface.
  • Construction sequence:
    • [Details to be entered].
  • Date: 2011.
  • Size: [final measurements to be entered].
  • Available for purchase.
  • A  work in progress.




  • [To be entered]





Porcelain tiles silk-screened with fanciful t-shirt.    

  • This work is a large and more complex Keraflex porcelain tile piece.
  • It begins with press mold of a baby t-shirt to modify the tile surface.
  • Stripes and lettering are added with tape strips and stencils.

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Modified image with underglazaing.    

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  • .[Additional details to be added]


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Work in progress

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