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Stoneware plate with doily pattern glazed on golds and mother of pearl.

  • Part of a series of plates created while I was mastering the technique of throwing plates. It presented a number of interesting technical challenges.
  • As a former artist in two-dimensional representation with a love of color and design, I found the large surface of a plate ideal for expressing my liberated artistic self.
  • Construction sequence: Wheel thrown and fired first to cone 06. Air-brushed doily rim created using lace for image transfer on a black underglaze. Additional clear glaze spray coating applied to the rim and all the inner surfaces. Refired to cone 6. Mother of pearl luster applied to inside surface, excluding the rim. Final firing to cone 018.
  • Size: 10.0" x 2.0".
  • Date: 2003.
  • Sold.