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A Spot of Leopard Tea is a ceramic teapot in the form of a leopard skin purse with leopard attributes.

  • Body and handles of this functional teapot-purse (a "teabag") are made entirely of stoneware paperclay.
  • The leopard head is sculpted of stoneware clay.
  • The teeth of the zipper on the lid have fang-like projections to emphasize the allusion to leopard's teeth.
  • Special care was taken with the hand-painted underglazes for the unique composiiton of the leopard's face.
  • Construction sequence: Fired in bisque state to cone 06. Underglazes applied for the leopard spot pattern on body and face. Gold matte for handle and trimming on body of handbag to give a faux leather appearance. Clear glaze on the entire body, including head and tail. Refired to cone 6. Mother of pearl overglaze applied. Gold luster to hardware and saddlebag purse trimming. FInal firing to cone 018.
  • Size: 10.5" x 10.5" x 4.5".
  • Date: 2006.
  • Sold.

     Enlarged Views

Enlarged view shown.

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Enlarged view shown. Click for process details.

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Creative Process

Creative process illustrated.

  • This piece, constructed entirely of stoneware paperclay was conceived as an amusingly functional teapot in the form of a purse incorporating leopard-like features. The semi-abstract leopard body and paws were augmented by a leopard skin surface pattern.
  • Creating the folds at the ends of the piece was especially challenging for me. It probably could not have been done were it not for the unique flexibility of the paperclay medium, which allows for this kind of artistic detailing.
  • Gold-brown glaze gave the purse a leather-like look after firing. In addition, mother of pearl luster was applied to the leopard patterned areas and gold luster trim to the tiny pocket purses to give the piece its special stylistic charm.

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Detailed Views

Detailed views shown.

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