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Quilt of Hearts is wall mounted.
  • This wall-hanging quilt is a companion piece modeled on the photo silk-screened images created for the ceramic teapot, Queen of T-Arts
  • I began the quilt with four-color separation photo silk-screened images of the front and the back of a queen of hearts playing card for image transfer to white fabric.
  • Four pairs of panels were used to form the overall design. I then added borders of yellow, black and red.
  • The back of the quilt was also decorated with a playing card motif.
  • After I completed the quilting aspect of the construction sequence, some of the back pattern became the final outer border of the entire quilt.
  • Cotton batting is sandwiched between the front and back panels of the quilt.
  • Machine stitching produced the intricate stittching design around the each image; supplementary hand stitching was used to apply beading into the quilt.
  • Shown at Maine Art Teachers Exhibit, University of Southern Maine, Lewiston, ME, 2012.
  • Date: 2011.
  • Size: 47.0" x 19.0".
  • Available for purchase. Price: $400.






Enlarged detail showing stitching.


[More enlarged views to be entered]






Early stage in development with silk-screened images bordered and assembled.

  • Four-color separation photo silk-screened images of the front and the back of a queen of hearts playing card are transferred to sections of white fabric.
  • Black, red and yellow cloth strips are added for borders to separate the sections. An overall black border is appended to surround the entire collage of images.
  • The back of the quilt is decorated with silk-screened images of playing cards. The front and the back panels are joined over a layer of cotton batting which is sandwiched between them.
  • A pattern of ntricate stitching is applied (see below) to the border regions of the playing card images. This pattern is supplemented with hand-stitched beading.
  • The embellished back side wraps around to the front edge of the quilt to form a contrastingly decorated border field.

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Quilting pattern with decorative stitching illustrated.

  • The quilting pattern with decorative stitching, supplemented by beading applied with additional hand stitching, is shown in the borders of the photo silk-screened playing card images.


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