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Press Mold Soda-Fired Bowl is a ceramic work in abstract design.

  • This ceramic bowl was created from a flat slab of stoneware clay.
  • A carved piece of soft-cut, similar to incised linoleum employed for art printmaking, was used to press mold the clay. This was instrumental in producing the inner surface design.
  • Then the sides of the bowl were shaped.
  • Of interest was that various technical skills that I had mastered as a teacher, such as soft-cut and silk-screening, facilitated my development as a ceramic artist. This piece, a study for a subsequent more complex art form, Regal Teabag, illustrates the integration of those earlier skills into my ceramic art work.
  • Initially bisque fired to cone 06, and then soda fired to cone 9/10.
  • Size: 10.0" x 3.5".
  • Date: 2003.
  • Sold.