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Soda-Fired Mandala Plate VI is a ceramic plate decorated in Mandala design.

  • This Mandala plate is the latest of a series of six.
  • A silk-screen Mandala image was first made.
  • To apply the image to the plate, iti was necessary to invent a new technique because the elevated rim preventd me from using the usual method of transferring the image by squeegee.
  • The design was, therefore, carefully cut out of the silk-screen to match the size and shape of the flat surface. The pattern was temporarily pinned to the preformed wheel-thrown plate while it was still in its leather-hard clay state.
  • The glaze pattern of the silk-screen image was then air-brushed onto the surface and the pins were removed.
  • Construction sequence: Wheel-thrown, silk-screened and air-brshed glazing. Then fired to cone 06. Additional glazes were applied to the rim. Refired in a soda-fired kiln to cone 9/10.
  • Size 10.0" x 2.0".
  • Date: 2002.
  • Two available for purchase: Price $30 each.