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Nest Tea II is a transparent fiber teapot made entirely of stitched thread.


  • Luminosi-tea is a fiber art teapot made entirely of multiple colored threads. Its artistic design and construction method is based on the prototype Nest Tea, but with modifications. The technique I invented for this purpose is detailed in Nest-tea's object detail page on this website. Briefly, it consists of making cloth-like fabric on a layer made on an embroidery loop by a water-soluble stabilizer. Using free-motion machine stitching, I made segments of cloth. These segments are then applied to a mold of a wheel-thrown fired clay teapot. When completely covered and dried, the pot is smashed and its shards removed. The damaged areas of the delicate cloth are repaired with thread stitching. A fabric stiffener is applied to the meshwork to yield a free-standing fiber teapot.
  • The teapot is airy, light-weight and semi-transparent with a glittery surface, not clearly demonstrated in this process photograph. The glitter results from the crystals embedded in some of the threads used to create the cloth that constitutes this work. It's title reflects these special features.
  • The lid is made in the same manner using a template of a fired-clay lid.
  • This work differs from its predecessor in several important ways. Its pattern is artistically more elegant with an improved base and a larger, more graceful handle. Further, the beads affixed to the lid in the prototype are omitted in this version.
  • Because it is not waterproof by virtue of the threads that consititute its make-up and its open meshwork construction, this art work is clearly nonfunctional as a teapot.
  • Displayed at National Teapot Exhibit X, Cedar Creek Gallery , Creedmoor, NC, May-September, 2017.
  • Date: 2016.
  • Size: 9.0" x 5.5" x 4.0".
  • Museum purchase by Kamm Teapot Foundation, Statesville, NC.
  • Sold.





Enlarged view.


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Nest Tea II is a fiber teapot made entirely of stitched thread.


  • Views are shown here of both sides of the cloth fiber teapot made entirely of colored thread. The feather-light, semi-transparent, meshwork cloth is made by stitching on an embroidery loop. The fiber-cloth is applied to a template consisting of a clay, kiln-fired teapot. After the fiber outer work is stiffened and dried, the inner clay mold is broken and extracted. The damage resulting from removing the clay shards requires repairing the remaining fiber teapot by additional stitching and stiffening.
  • The lid is made separately in the same way, but using a fired clay lid as the mold.


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