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Assembled tiles to form the finished mural of lobster tiles.
  • This is a series of five porcelain tiles, each 5" x 7" in size.
  • They were made with the objective of assembling them in the form of a mural.
  • Construction sequence:
    • After forming the tiles from porcelain clay, I first silk-screened each of the unique lobster images.
    • Then the tiles were kiln fired to cone 06.
    • I added colored underglazes to the surfaces to enhance and embellish the images.
    • Refiring was then done to cone 6.
    • Layers of China paints were applied.
    • Firing was repeated several times to cone 018 after each paint layer was added.
    • When all the tiles were completed, they were assembled, as shown, to create the finished mural.
  • Date: 2011.
  • Size: 35" x 5".
  • Sold.





Enlarged view of one of the lobster tiles.
Enlarged view of one of the lobster tiles.






Silk-screened tiles ready for first kiln firing.

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    Completed tiles after underglazes and China paints added with multiple firings.

  • Additional underglazes enhance the coloration and add embellishments.
  • Refiring is then done to cone 6.
  • China paints are applied for further detailwork.
  • After each layer of China paints, the tiles are refired to cone 018.

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 Assembled lobster tile mural.

  • At the conclusion, all five tiles are assembled into a tile mural, thus completing the work. The tiles can be mounted and grouted in any order based on the desires of the buyer and used either as a free-standing mural decoration or an integral tilework on a wall.


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