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Quilt illustrating a lobster on a checkerboard pattern.
  • This silk-screened quilt portrays a lobster, shadowed to impart a sculpted look, located upon a checkerboard patterned surface.
  • The construction process involves silk-screening a white lobster outline on black fabric.
  • Fabric paint provides the delicate details of the lobster, its background board, and the subtle shadowing needed to give it its three-dimensional appearance. 
  • A black fabric is added for backing, with various orange-colored fabrics for the front borders.
  • The work is then quilted using machine stitching in an assortment of colored threads.
  • More fabric paint is added after the quilting.
  • Beadwork is also done to enhance the design.
  • The work is finished with black fabric strips applied to the borders.
  • Shown at Maine Art Teachers Exhibition, University of Southern Maine, Lewiston, ME, 2012.
  • Date: 2011.
  • Size: 12.5" x 16.25".
  • Gifted. Not available for purchase.
  • Can be replicated to buyer's specifications. If interested, please click here to contact me.






Early phase of quilt construction.   

  • This fabric painting is intended to be a silk-screened quilt. It begins with a black piece of fabric upon which a white silk-screened outline of a lobster is applied.
  • The surfaces are further embellished with details of the lobster and its background checkerboard pattern with fabric paints.
  • Special attention is paid to the subtle shadowing to give the lobster a three-dimensional sculpted effect.

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    Quilt illustrating a lobster on a checkerboard pattern.

  • The stitching of the quilt, including the lobster, fabric squares.
  • Qulited black fabric is used for the backing.
  • Assorted orange fabric borders and bead work are added.
  • Machine quilting is done with threads of various colors.
  • A black border will also be applied to complete the work.

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Black border in place; beads tentatively patterned before being sewn to orange border.

  • The black backing and corresponding black border of the front of the quilt are applied.
  • Tentative patterns of beading are placed on the orange border before finalizing the stitching and beading of the work.



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