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  • If Pugs Could Fly is a stoneware mug.
  • Its design evolves from the creative developments in the series of mugs that make up A Pug Mug Litter.
  • It also demonstrates the symbolism inherent in its wordplay name.
  • The piece is embellished with a silk-screened Pug image. Pug ears for handles, standing paws and tail, all surmounted by fanciful faux wings. The wings are designed to provide a sense of flight, fluidity and elegance to the piece.
  • Exhibited at the Mug Show Invitational Exhibit, River Gallery, Chattanooga, TN.
  • Construction sequence: Initially fired to cone 06. Tan and black underglazes applied. Refired to cone 5/6. Black glossy glaze applied to the interior surfaces. Final firing to cone 017. Cold finished with gold leaf to the wings.
  • Size: 7.5" x 6.75" x 3.5".
  • Date: 2008.
  • Sold.


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  • Construction involves creation of the mug form with structural additions of sculpted legs, tail, ear handles and separately-designed wings. The elements are combined and a Pug image is silk-screened upon the facade of the mug. First firing is to cone 06.


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  • Underglazes are applied to the surface of faux dog fur in black and tans.
  • Black underglaze is first applied to the wings and then rubbed off, followed by an application of whte underglaze.
  • Clear glaze is applied to the tips of the wings preparatory to the gold luster that will be applied in this area later.
  • The interior surface is glazed in glossy black to make the mug utilitarian.
  • The work is refired at this point to cone 5/6.


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  • Black glossy glaze is applied to the interior surfaces. Additional details with overglazing are added. The work is fired for the last time at cone 017. A cold finish is added with gold leaf to the wings to complete this piece.

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