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Green Tea is a ceramic stoneware teapot that is wheel thrown with extruded, altered handles.



Enlarged view of Green Tea, A Ceramic Teapot.


Enlarged view.





Classical teapot form for Green Tea series.


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Dollar bill decals are applied in overlapping patterns to all surfaces.


  • Ceramic decals are designed in the form of dollar bills to illustrate one aspect of the Green theme of this series of teapots.
  • They are applied in overlapping patterns before vitrification at high kiln temperatures to fuse them to the underlyijng clay.

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Decorative embellishment and firings completed.


  • To achieve a high glossy surface appearance, I used a new glaze called Art Deco Green, a cone 5/6 glaze. The decals were then applied.
  • The firing technique carefully followed the sequence recommended by the kiln company for fusing the decals to the ceramic surface.
  • While it varies by kiln, the technique involves slowly increasing the kiln temperature stepwise up to 1470 degrees F., or approximately cone 010. The temperatue is raised in increments of 200-240 degrees F., being held for 1/2 to 1 hr at each step to avoid damage from bubbles in the clay, if any should develop.
  • Photo silk-screening of a dollar bill image is done on thin Keraflex porcelain slabs. The slabs are then curled to shape and fired to cone 10. After firing, the decorated slabs are attached to the lid by score and slip method, thereby completing the work.


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