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Fish Bowl Series II is a free form ceramic plate with fish decoration.

  • Bowl is hand-built body of terra cotta clay.
  • Image transfer techniques used for design.
  • Construction sequence:Clay was colored first. Then it was rolled out to form a thin slab. Strips cut from the slab were woven together. image of fish was silk-screened onto the front surface of the flat woven clay piece. Lace cloth was applied to the back surface. The piece was then press molded into a bowl-shaped object. When dry, it was glazed. Underglazes were applied to the fish and the faux lace on the back surface. Fired to cone 06. Refired to cone 04.
  • Size: 14.0" x 15.0" x 4.0".
  • Date: 2002.
  • Not available for purchase.