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  • This work represents an evolutionary advancement on its prototype, Happily Ever After, with a number of important modifications in design pertaining to construction and coloration.
  • As in the previous piece, the coach is in the form of a hollowed-out pumpkin, embellished with sculpted wheels and press-mold leaves.
  • Structural differences include creating a newly shaped opening in the pumpkin's wall and relocating the opening from the front of the coach to its side. In addition, the teapot is now removable and functional.
A pumpkin coach with teapot enclosed on an undercarriage of leaves with sculpted wheels attached.



Enlarged view of this work, full view.

Enlarged view of this work, partial rear view.

Enlarged view of this work, 3/4 view.

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Beginning of creative process showing bisque state of clay pumpkin body.

  • The pumpkin body and stem are fashioned by slip cast molding from stoneware clay.
  • A large opening is cut into the side of the pumpkin to serve as the coach's articulated door.
  • The hollowed-out interior is prepared to receive the small functional teapot.
  • The teapot body and lid are wheel-thrown and altered; the handle is made of extruded clay.  

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Morea advanced state with early orange coloration in underglazes sitting on gold leaves.

  • Pumpkin coach base is formed of preformed and kiln-fired clay leaves, embellished in gold leaf.
  • Separately constructed clay wheels are to be fired as well and, when ready, will be attached to complete the construction of the coach form.

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Fashioned clay forms to resemble gold leaves.

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  • The leaves, which will serve as the pumpkin coach's undercarriage, are made by press mold.
  • They are embellished with underglazes, tans and browns for the undersurface and gold for the more visible upper surface,.
  • They are then refired to cone 017 after opalescent overglaze is applied.

Undercarriage is assembled with sculpted ceramic wheels supporting the undercarriage of gold leaves.

  • Undercarriage for the pumpkin coach is assembled of the separately fired clay wheels and leaf.

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Assembled pumpkin body atop the previously assembled carriage.

  • The pumpkin body component is permanently mounted upon the assembled understructure base.

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The white teapot, constructed separately, is placed within the hollow of the pumpkin body.

  • The piece is now completely assembled with the free-standing teapot placed within the body of the pumpkin coach.

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Detailed views of the piece, emphasizing its intricate aspects.


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