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Dot Your Teas is a ceramic teapot in the form of am antique perfume bottle.
  • The inspiration for the ceramic teapot, Aromatic Tea, is a lovely antique perfume bottle. The work is a fully functional teapot made from stoneware clay.
  • The body and lid are constructed from original slip cast molds. The spout is wheel thrown, altered and carved. The feet are thrown off the hump. The handle is pulled and curved.
  • When the construction phase is completed, the work is allowed to air dry thoroughly to its leather-hard state.
  • After drying is complete, the teapot is subjected to its first kiln firing to cone 04.
  • Successful firing is followed by a series of embellishments to provide decorative elements using underglazes, glazes, overglazes, lusters and China paints.
  • Refirings are done after each layer of coloration has been applied to various cone temperatures.
  • Cold finishes complete the work.
  • Construction details:   
    • First firing is to cone 04.
    • Sanding is done to smooth all exterior surfaces in preparation for application of Celadon glaze.
    • ...
    • [Additional details to be added.]
  • Date: 2018.
  • Size: 10.0” x 8.5” x 4.25”. [Final measurements to be inserted upon completion.]
  • Available for purchase.
  • Price: [To be inserted].
  • Work in progress.



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Early phase of construction prior to first firing or the application of glazes.


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 Construction phase completed.   


  • The lid design is changed to comport more closely with the body form, emulating the perfume bottle upon which this teapot is modeled.
  • Successful kiln firing to cone 04 is followed by decorative coloration.
  • All exterior surfaces are sanding to prepare for application of Celadon glaze.

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