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Chinese Take-Out Lantern is a ceramic work in the form of a take-out container with perforated design to make it into a functional lantern.

  • A hand-built work of self-formulated porcelain paperclay, this piece is an outgrowth of two prior lines of artistic development. It combines the theme of take-out containers (Doggie Bag and others) with that of candle holders (Tea Candle Shells). Working with the rounded candle concept stimulated me to consider the fun of using the delicate round doilies cut into square shapes to fit the rectanguar shape of the vessel, like the enigma of squaring the circle.
  • In the leather-hard state, tiny pin-pricks were made in the doily to allow candle light to penetrate from within.
  • Bamboo handles, modified from extruded white stoneware clay, were chosen for their compatibilty with Chinese motif.
  • Construction sequence: Initially fired to cone 06. Black underglaze was applied to the surfaces of the container and the handle. Underglaze was then rubbed off to enhance the doily pattern. The piece was signed with black underglaze on the handle. Clear glaze was applied to the faux cord trimming and the bamboo bindings. The work was then refired to cone 6. Opalescent gold was applied to bamboo and vessel surfaces. Fired again to cone 017. Gold luster painted on the clear glazed areas. Final firing to cone 018. Gold leaf applied to the inner surface.
  • Size: 10.0" x 8.0" x 6.0".
  • Date: 2007.
  • Sold.

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