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Capall Creek Farm Quilt is made from a silk-screened fabric painted cloth modified by thread painting.
  • This small quilt is the first iteration of a larger, long-term project incorporating modified images of interesting barns that I encountered in many shapes, sizes and colors along with seasonal changes over the course of time in my photographic explorations of the lush farmlands of Maine.
  • This innovative work begins with a photograph chosen from the extensive array of barn images that I collected. Others are used to create large assemblages of barn images for a more sizable quilt. Sets of ceramic tiles are decorated with photo silk-screened barn images in similar fashion for this series as well. The project has generated considerable interest among colleagues.
  • For this quilt, the selected barn image is photo slks-screened in a 12-part color separation onto a block of white cotton fabric 10.5" x 7.0" in size. A large black border is added to bring the final size to 16.75" x 13.25" in all.
  • Cotton batting is sandwiched between the image-containing panel (with its black border in place) and a black back panel.
  • The silk-screened image is modified with fabric paint to embellish barn, foreground, background landscape and sky. Thread painting further enhances the entire panel, adding novel texture and color by applying machine-stitched patterns Crystal embedded threads are used in various shades for the sky to impart a starry shimmer.
  • Date: 2014.
  • Size: 16.75" x 13.25", including border panels.
  • Available for purchase. Price: $750 framed.





Enlarged view






Original photo image of Capall Creek Farm barn.   


  • The original photograph of the barn at Capall Creek Farm, shown here, is part of my large collection of barn images obtained during my several explorations across the rich and productive farmlands of the state of Maine.

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   Silk-screened image applied to cloth is enhanced with fabric paints and thread painting. 


  • The photoimage is photo silk-screened in a 12-part color separation process onto a block of white cotton cloth.
  • The image is freely modified by fabric paints to alter and enhance the details of the entire image.
  • A large black border is applied in preparation for the quilting process.
  • Cotton batting is sandwiched between this bordered panel and a black back panel.
  • The work is then quitted throughout using thread painting, a technique in which extensive, intricate patterns are machine stitched with variously colored threads. The quilting process yields a multidimensional work by puffing out the areas between the stitched patterns.

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Close-up detail of thread painting illustrated.


  • Thread painting is used to provide dramatic embellishment of color and texture as well as a thick quilting multidimensionality to the entire panel.
  • Various shades of crystal-embedded threads are used to thread paint the sky and give it a starry impression, shown here in close-up detail.

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Black border strip added to finish the quilt..

  • The entire photo silk-screened image and its border are extensively thread painted. Here we see the completed quilt.
  • The work is framed under glass to protect its integrity over time.



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