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Teapot in the form of a balalaika with peacock surface pattern.


  • This is the second balalaika-themed stoneware clay teapot in my musical instrument series, which includes both Ballet-like-a Chai, Lara's Theme as well as other instruments, such as Tea Tootaler, Tea-sharp Harmony, Mel-oh-tea-us, Fit as a Fiddle and Just in Case. This work takes the form of a balalaika distorted with whimsy to form a functional teapot.
  • The teapot's base and body are triangular in shape like that of the soundbox of a classic three-string Slavic balalaika. It has a rounded projection posteriorly to create a modified pyramidal form.
  • The fingerboard for nesting the frets, usually extending vertically straight up from the peak of the sound box, is playfully adaped to a free-form shape to become the teapot's handle, providing humorous distortion of the frets. The spout is formed as an extension on the side opposite the handle.
  • The headstock is appended peripherally at the upper extreme of the fingerboard to anchor the strings and place the tuning pegs.
  • The lid is made of a tuning peg (modeled in clay) placed at the extreme upper end of the headstock.
  • A  triangular porcelain (Keraflex) panel is decorated with a peacock design motif using silk-screening for image transfer and permanently fixed to the front surface of the balalaika-teapot body by score and slip technique.
  • Construction sequence:.
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  • Date: 2012.
  • Size: [measurements to be entered]
  • Available for purchase. Price: $500.
  • A work in progress.





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Early construction phase with soundbox, fingerboard and imaginative handle appended.

Inset image showing lid and spout at top of headstock.


  • Early construction phase of the balalaika, showing triangular soundbox (teapot's base and body). The fingerboard with nested frets extends upwards from the pyramidal peak. The lid, formed of a clay tuning peg, is mounted atop the headstock. The handle is a fanciful downward and backward extension of the fingerboard. Adjacent to the lid is where the spout is located, as illustrated in the inset, above.

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Work in Progress

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