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Further enhancement of color with China paints.
  • Aurora is a series of individualized, but thematically related, stoneware ceramic plates and bowls.
  • These works are inspired by and dedicated to the memory of my recently departed sister.
  • They are created for exhibition at Dishtopia, a new gallery in Tampa, FL.
  • As the series name suggests, design and coloration are inspired by the dawn. The yellows of the awakening sun in doily design dispel the background purple darkness of the fading night.
  • Construction sequence:
  • Date: 2009.
  • Sizes: 8.0" x 1.75" to 9.75" x 1.5"
  • Available for purchase
  • Priced individually (see below): Prices $50-$100.








A pink-orange glow demonstrates early dawn brightening the night sky.

  • A wheel-thrown plate with subtle coloration suggestive of advancing dawn brightening the night sky.
  • The series name derives from that of the Roman goddess of dawn, Aurora. It also refers to the ethereal polar lights of the same name.
  • The design of each of the plates is enhanced with different doily impressions.
  • "In principio" is from the opening Latin biblical phrase "In the beginning," reflecting the first glow of the dawn.

Pale grays and light yellows suggest early dawn.

  • Subtle nuances of coloration applied by air-spraying liquid underglazing to the surface bring out its dawn-like suggestions.

Further development.    



               A plate with similar tones in modified design.

  • Another modification in design and coloration, showing an angulated view on the left to emphasize the delicate yellow coloration that has been applied to the rim of the plate.

Color is augmented with overglazes.

  • Further modifications in coloration and design embellish the face of this piece.
  • Kiln firings are undertaken as needed between applications of overglazes.

Further enhancement of color with China paints.    

  • More development in color enhancement with China paints is achieved, plus intervening firings as this piece nears completion.
  • Size: 9.0" x 1.5"
  • Price: $65

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Bolder coloration for this plate.

  • Bold purple stripe and other embellishments are applied to this plate by air-brushing technique.
  • Front and side view are illustrated here.

Dawn-inspired coloration in yellows and purples dominate this delicate plate.

  • This stoneware wheel-thrown plate is part of a series of ceramic plates created with dawn-inspired coloration, particularly yellows and purples, applied in the form of underglazes, shown here in the early unfinished state.

  The  coloring is modified by layers of China paints.

  • Further modification of this piece using China paints in layers. The work is fired repetitively to cone 015 after each layer of paint is applied
  • Size: 8" x 1.5".
  • Price: $50.

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Another plate with a similar theme.

  • Yet another variation on the Aurora theme created by air-brushing underglazes applied to this plate.
  • It is intended to show the day's awakening as the blue tones of the brightening sky begin to dominate.

The coloration is enhanced with China paints.

Further development of color design with China paints. 

  • Coloration is continued with China paints.
  • A halo rose luster is applied to the center to create bursts of red color and thus complete the work.
  • Size: 9.75" x 1.5".
  • Price: $75

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A sunflower design in orange and yellow for this plate.

  • This bowl is first wheel-thrown and trimmed.
  • The sunflower design was inspired by the sunflowers blooming across from my studio window.
  • Air-brushing and sgrafitto work was done with underglazes to impart the desired sunflower design effect for this further addition to the Aurora series.
  • The piece is initially fired to cone 06.
  • "Truth is beauty" cites the end of Keats' poem "Ode on a Grecian Urn."

Sunflower design is enhanced with additional coloration details.  

  • After its kiln firing, a clear glaze is applied to provide a glossy surface.
  • Refiring to cone 5/6 completes this work in its final form.
  • Size: 8" x 1.75". 
  • Sold.

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Air-brushed coloration for another plate.



  • Another in the Aurora plate series shows the delicate nuances of coloration.
  • Front and back of the piece, as seen here, illustrate the early phase of its development.
  • Coloring is achieved by air-brushed application of liquid underglazes, maintaining the basic doily plate design.

A more advanced version showing detailed work in more vivid yellows and purples. 

  • The opportunities for imaginative development are afforded by China paints.
  • The piece shows the advantages of using China paints in multiple layers to bring out the deeper tones of vibrant colors on the surface of the ceramic work.
  • Its name, "Beauty Truth," continues the line from Keats' "Ode on a Grecian Urn,"
  • Each layer is kiln fired to cone 015 in sequence before the next layer is applied.
  • Size: 9.0" x 1.5".
  • Price: $75

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Another dawn-inspired plate with light purples and grays emerging.

  • An additional wheel-thrown plate is created and embellished using similar motifs of dawn-like underglazed coloration, comparable doily design, and dream-like reflective lighting.

A plate in this series with sublte dawn-like underglazes.


  • Subtle colors, applied by air-brushing of underglazes, are shown in the early evolving version of this plate.
  • They are intended to emphasize the dawn-like mood of the reawakening day.

Advanced coloration with details of color and design

  • Application of multiple layers of China paints enhances the depth of the coloration.
  • Each layer is subjected to repetitive kiln firings to cone 015.
  • Size: 9.0" x 1.5".
  • Price: $50. 

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Image of Dawn's Glow in gold tones.




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